Who We Are

The HerStory Campaign amplifies and acts upon the authentic stories of women and girls by elevating the power of story to champion real change.

The HerStory Campaign was launched by two women-led organizations that work passionately to foster literacy and provide mentorship for girls worldwide. LitWorld and Global G.L.O.W. work side-by-side with teams of women and girls in local communities to empower learning and support girls in pursuing their hopes and dreams. We use literacy and mentorship to strengthen and amplify girls’ voices, boldly acting on their insights to promote gender equality and inspire positive change in the world.

Poverty, illiteracy, violence, discrimination, conflict and natural disasters all affect the lives of young women and girls far more than men and boys. Girls often face barriers as they work towards achieving their full potential, including strong cultural norms favoring boys’ education, gender-based violence, child marriage and pregnancy, scarcity of separate bathrooms and lack of menstrual supplies. When girls voices are are silenced, we forfeit their power to create a safer, more equitable world.

The HerStory Campaign breaks down these barriers by promoting and celebrating girls’ authentic stories. We work in close, collaborative partnerships with 52 community-based organizations in 26 countries around the world, bringing LitClubs and mentorship to thousands of girls living in the most profoundly challenging communities.

About LitWorld

LitWorld is a New York-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission of strengthening kids and communities through the power of their own stories. LitWorld fosters transformational learning experiences during crucial out-of-school time, empowering kids to see themselves as valuable, dignified participants in their community and world. Programs embrace diverse reading and writing experiences, and are scaled through trusting partnerships with grassroots organizations in 26 countries. Through a powerful combination of storytelling, culturally-responsive texts and meaningful mentor relationships, LitWorld creates a positive learning environment that lets kids thrive in their education and independence.

Lit World

About Global G.L.O.W.

Global Girls Leading Our World (Global G.L.O.W.), a California-based 501(c)3 organization, ignites the power of girls from vulnerable communities around the world through its transformational mentorship and creative self-expression programs. Mentors accompany middle and high school aged-girls on a journey of social-emotional learning and skill and confidence building with foundational curricula that are comprised of literacy, art and community building activities. Girls are supported as they discover and develop their strength, voice, value and leadership skill sparking an upward spiral that transforms families, communities and the world.

Global GLOW

“Literacy is humankind’s greatest and most sustainable innovation: a lifelong protection against vulnerability. Knowing one’s rights, learning about one’s health, connecting to others outside of one’s community, can all save a girl’s life.”

Pam Allyn
Executive Director, LitWorld


“When you encourage a young girl, her future opens up, and she begins to believe that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.”

Kylie Schuyler, PhD
Founder, Global G.L.O.W.