At World Vision for Education in Cameroon, their Community Action Plan empowers young women to be financially secure and independent. Through skills such as beading, needlework, and fine arts, “Empower Her For A Better Economy” seeks to uplift the entire community by giving women and girls the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

In May, the plan launched with a Story Summit hosted by our partners and HerStory girls, along with some very special guests: Mrs. Essene Cordelia, Divisional Delegate of Women’s Empowerment and the Family – Mezam, and Mrs. Moma Agnes, Inspector of Basic Education. 74 boys and girls joined them to participate and learn about the new program.

In the following weeks, girls learned about reproductive health as they honed their skills in beading and bowl-making. In the bracelet-making activity for example, the girls used the beads to count the days of a typical menstrual cycle. The girls also received sanitary pads. This expanded into more lessons on menstrual hygiene and management. According to our partnership coordinator, “The girls were very happy with this lesson as most of them said their greatest challenge in relation to their period has been counting their menstrual cycle.”

Through this Community Action Plan, girls have been able to use their creativity to gain skills for employment, while simultaneously gaining knowledge and resources around menstrual health.

Our HerStory Ambassadors are creating important pathways to empower girls to find independence and reduce unemployment. The participants show up week after week with an unfaltering enthusiasm for the work, and have impressed many with their new skills. This project is just one example of what can happen when we trust girls to recognize and address their own needs. With the help of their mentors, they are successfully enrolled in an exciting and empowering venture.

As our partners have stated, “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.”