The Global HerStory Summit

In March 2017, the HerStory Campaign hosted the 2nd annual Global HerStory Summit (GHS). The Summit, held in conjunction with the UN Women’s 61st Annual Commission on the Status of Women, ensures that authentic and diverse women and girls’ perspectives inform action plans set forth to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2017 GHS brought together teams of women and girls from LitWorld and Global G.L.O.W. communities around the world to be HerStory Ambassadors. They spent the week developing their Community Action Plans and have returned to their home communities with blueprints and resources for positive and impactful change driven by women and girls.

The week was full of storytelling and arts workshops, opportunities to build new friendships and deepen the global HerStory network, visits to iconic sites in New York City, and the chance to make a big, innovative, actionable plan to effect positive change.

Special thanks to NEWI – The Women’s Initiative and Sierra Leone Permanent Mission to the United Nations for helping make the Summit a success!

sharing Her Story

Girls’ Stories Changing the World–A UN Women CSW61 Parallel Event

In conjunction with UN Women’s annual Commission on the Status of Women, HerStory girls from several countries shared their stories and ideas for community change. Leaders discussed how the Campaign works around the world to address the most pressing issues facing girls, and how to get involved in this crucial movement. Photos and videos coming soon!

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This social media and virtual participation guide is a chance for you to be an ambassador for the HerStory Campaign on social media, to spread the word about the #HerStoryCampaign and #HerStorySummit, and participate virtually in the Global HerStory Summit using our suggested activities and prompts.

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Thank you to our sponsors for making the Global HerStory Summit possible:

The Global HerStory Summit

The Global HerStory Summit (GHS) is a week-long annual conference held in New York City, in partnership with UN Women as part of the United Nations annual meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women. The Global HerStory Summit brings HerStory Youth Ambassadors to New York City to share the power of girls’ stories.

Girls are selected to attend the Summit at the U.N. through a competitive application process to represent their communities at the five day Summit. Together as a network of powerful changemakers, the girls present the findings from the Summit to global leaders and ensure their voices are truly heard.

Stand Up For Girls

Stand Up for Girls mobilizes people of all genders, from all corners of the world, to advocate for a girl’s right to share her story and change the world. By learning to read, write, and share stories, girls understand that their words have the power to create transformational change at the community and international level.

On October 11th, the annual United Nations International Day of the Girl, we invite you to Stand Up and join our global community as we take action, highlighting the stories of girls from the world’s most marginalized communities. By listening to girls’ own stories and acting on them, we can build a better world together.